Why should you learn java?

Why should you learn java?

Java is a well- established programming language in the IT industry. It has ruled the IT world for more than three decades by now.

Since the rise of Kotlin as a programming language which also runs on JVM and there seems to be a bit of panic among the new java learners as well as existing one. If Kotlin will replace java in future or not is another topic of discussion so I will stick to our topic.


Why should I learn java?

I will provide few points to convince you to learn Java even today:


To develop the strong programming fundamentals:

Java is simple and easy to learn. Apart from basics of programming languages like Decision making statements(If-else), Loop control (for loop, while loop), Data types & variables, it supports entire features of Object Oriented Programming. Not only this but concepts like Exception handling, Collection, Multi-threading, etc. are key to Java programming.

So if you know these basic concepts of java, you can learn other programming language without much trouble. Since concepts remains same (in most cases) only the language (syntax) changes.


Constantly improving as a programming language:

Oracle and java community is constantly thriving hard to make java meet the changing needs of modern world. Java released its JDK version 9 recently with lots of new features to help programmers. So applications developed in java programming would be upgraded and would require java developers.

Java serves as the backbone to Android application, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence as well which is in high demand nowadays.


 High demand and Package in IT market:

Java developers are always in high demand and are one of the handsomely paid software developers in the market.


Be an Entrepreneur:

Today most of the business has gone online and in future almost everything will go online.

And if you are already having business or are planning to start-up one then knowing java technology would help you to develop web application, desktop application, app etc. to get you online.


Kotlin may or may not replace java in future.


If you are a student or beginner to programming, then let me assure you stick to java. As you need to build your core first.

If you are a programmer, you should think of developing basic concept within you. This will serve as a base on top of which you can lay a foundation of any other programming language.

So stop thinking much and start learning java today…

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