SQL Database

SQL Create Database

First thing that we need is a database which will contain all tables, views, triggers, etc. 


CREATE DATABASE statement is used to create database in SQL.

Syntax of Create Database



Suppose we want to create a database for our website Tutorials in Hand with name 'tih_database'.

So we need to write SQL command as shown below:

CREATE DATABASE tih_database;

This SQL command when executed will create a database 'tih_database'.


What you can do with 'tih_database'?

  • You can create different tables in this database. For example, I can create a table- 'tih_Courses' which will contain Course_name. Course_id, Proffesor_id, etc.
  • You can delete or drop the 'tih_database'.
  • You can rename 'tih_database' other suitable name like 'tih_db'
  • You can select the database on which you want to perform operation.

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