Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)

The CPU is the brain of the computer system.


Tasks of CPU

  • Its main job is to execute programs. 
  • CPU also controls the operation of all other components like input & output devices, memory, etc.
  • CPU controls the storage of program and data into the memory and then displayed on the screen.

Central Processing Unit (CPU) has three parts:

  1. Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
  2. Control unit
  3. Registers

In this page we are going to learn about Arithmetic Logic Unit. 


Arithmetic Logic Unit

  • CPU performs all the arithmetical and logical operations in Arithmetic Logic Unit.
  • Arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are performed in ALU.
  • Logical operations AND, NAND, OR, NOT, NOR, XOR, etc are performed in ALU.

The main component of ALU is Accumulator

Functions of Accumulator

  • All the arithmetic and logical operations are performed with the help of Accumulator.
  • During addition of two data one of them is kept in Accumulator.
  • Results of the operations are kept in Accumulator.
  • All the input and output data goes through Accumulator.

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