Classification of Computer

Classification of Computers

Depending on the principle of computing the computers can be classified as:

  • Analog Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer

Lets learn about each of them one by one.


Analog Computer


These computers are work on analog data like speed, voltage, temperature and pressure, which possesses the capability to recognize data as continuous measurement of a physical quantity.


The storage capacity of such computers is relatively high, it can perform complex arithmetical functions and such computers are accurate up to 0.1% of the correct value.


Digital Computer


Language of digital computers is MLL or Machine Level Language (language of 0s and 1s).

Digital computer works only on digital singles. Digital singles are composed of binary digits like 0 and 1 (0-OFF and 1-ON).

Digital computers are suitable for scientific and commercial use.

Digital signals are discrete i.e. not continuous in nature.

Digital computer has the capability of arithmetical and logical operations, multipurpose oriented and accurate.




Hybrid computers are the combination of the Analog computers and Digital computers.

Hybrid computers has the measuring ability of Analog computers and the logical, arithmetic capability of Digital computers.

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