Computer Basics

Advantage and Disadvantage

Here we will see both the advantages and disadvantages that computer offers.


Advantages of computer:


  • Computer performs the variety of tasks easily and quickly.
  • Computer helps us perform multiple task simultaneously.
  • Using internet facilty on computers one can access all sort of information. 
  • Students can learn their courses online using free tutorials, videos or by using paid services.
  • Computer can highly increase your productivity.

  • You can store vast amount of information on your computer.

  • You can avail online services which can save you a lot of time and effort.

  • Computer nowadays has facility to provide entertainment at home. Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc are providing online movies, etc

  • Computer provides us with ability to communicate information via network instantly. For example, Email communication

  • Keep you connected with your friend, family, relatives or others through social media channels like facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.

  • Computer can help you earn money online

  • You may record the screen of your computer system and create video tutorial while performing some steps (using screen recording softwares) and then later use the created video for training purpose.

Dis-advantages of computer:


  • If an unauthorized person gets access to your computer then the data security will be at risk
  • Being a machine your computer may get hung impacting the performance on some occassion.

  • Computer operates on program (set of instructions provided to it), so doesn't have its own intelligence like human being.

  • Your system may get hacked and the sensitive information may be stolen if proper care is not taken.

  • If you browse internet regularly and happen to visit some malicious site then virus may accidently get downloaded and would harm your computer.

  • New user may require basic training to learn to operate computer and understand various facilities and how and when to use them.

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