Computer Basics

Uses of Computer

Computer is used in almost every field today. Computer is influencing the modern society to the huge extent.
Now a days computer is available to almost everyone.
Effective and intelligent use of computer can help improve the literacy rate of the country.
For Business firms it can help in resource optimization.
Most importantly computers help in increasing the efficiency and productivity of any individual, firm or organization.
Let's learn about few areas where it is helping mankind to acheive great goals.
  1. Communication System: Computer has helped people to connect to each other over e-mail, video-conferencing (skype, lync), chat apps (whatsapp, line, etc), and social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.
  2. Online Shopping: Online shopping platforms like Amazon, Filpkart, Snapdeal, Olx, etc. has helped connect bussiness and buyer at their own comfort. Today buyers can order anything easily from wherever they are. This has in turn increased bussiness as well. And ofcourse one needs computer facility to do this. 
  3. Entertainment: Computer games, online games played over internet, online videos and movies serves as great source of entertainment. Amazon prime, Youtube, Vimeo, etc are offering online movies, videos, etc for entertainment purpose.
  4. Online Education: Various online learning platforms and apps like Tutorials In Hand, Udemy, M4Maths, Pluralsight, BYJU etc are available to student for learning their lessons. Youtube has got various video lectures available on diverse topics. Computer connected to internet is in itself a huge source of information on any topic. These all combined together can be a huge source of learning.
  5. Automation: Computer has helped develop softwares that has automated the manual process. Various such availabe tools are CRM (Customer relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Management), etc
  6. Weather Forecasting: Special type of computers are available to forecast weather conditions such as rain, drought, etc.
  7. Scientific research: Special computers are also available that can perform complex arithmetic and logical calculation that are of great help in solving problems related to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc.
  8. Robotics: Artificial Intelligence in the field of Computer Science has helped develop special languages like Prolog, etc which is helping develop Robots that can perform certain tasks on its own.

In depth study is required to understand the use of computer and its function in each of the above cited uses of the computer. There are several branches of computer science which has detailed course for each of them.

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