Evolution of Computers

The Babbage Machine

Charles Babage is considered as father of computer.

An English Mathematician Professor, Charles Babbage developed one machine in 1822 known as Difference Engine. The machine was capable to perform different types of mathematical and statistical calculations.


Difference Engine

  • It can be considered to be the first computer that was capable of performing multi-step operations automatically. 
  • It didn't require human intervention at every steps.
  • It was a calculator and computer designed to tabulate polynomial functions.


In year 1842, Charles Babbage developed one another machine known as Automatic Analytic Engine that was capable of performing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Moreover the machine gave fast solutions to the different types of mathematical problems.


Automatic Analytic Engine

  • It was the improved and advanced version of Difference Engine.
  • This invention of Babbage is considered to be the first general purpose programmable computer designed ever.
  • It was capable of handling conditional branch instructions.
  • Two major component of this computer were ALU (called mill) and a main memory (called store)

Charles Babbage was the first man to give the concept of modern digital computer. He also provided the definition of computer and thus he is known as Father of Modern Computer.

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