Types of Digital Computer

Micro Computer

Due to invention of microprocessor (CPU on a chip) design of Microcomputer was possible. 


Features of Microcomputer

  • Small in size
  • Low cost
  • Single user machine

Examples of Microcomputer

  • IBM PC series based on Intel's 80X86 family
  • Apple's Macintosh
  • Motorola's 680X0 family

Microcomputers includes Desktop, Laptop, Palmtop, Workstations, Servers and Tablet PC.

Let's read about each one of them.


Desktop Computer (PC)

  • Personal computer is known as desktop computer. This is the most common micro computer.
  • It is designed to be used by individual.
  • Desktop computer consists of CPU, a display monitor, keyboard, internal hard disk and other peripheral devices.
  • They are low cost computers.



  • Laptop is also called “Note books”, because it is look like a notebook.
  • Laptops contain 32-bit CPU, floppy disks, CD-ROM drive, modern LCD screen and hard disks.
  • Laptops consume less power.
  • They use batteries for their operations.
  • The consumers can carry it around, because it is a portable computer.



  • Palmtops are a very small computer.
  • It is called palmtop computers because they can be held in palm
  • Palmtop is also known as PDA. PDA refers to Personal Digital Assistance, which can be conveniently stored in pocket.
  • Palmtop can be used while the user is holding it.
  • Palmtops specially used for tracking appointments, maintains lists, jotting notes etc.  



  • Workstation are more powerful compared to desktops.
  • Workstations are suitable for graphics and numeric intensive applications.
  • The capacity of RAM and hard disk is more than desktops.



  • Servers are very powerful computers provided with large disks and RAM capacity.
  • Many PCs and terminals can be connected to a server.
  • The computer connected through a network to the server is called Client.
  • The architecture is popularly known as client-server architecture


Tables PC

  • Tablets PC refers to Tablet Personal Computer.
  • This device is touch screen and is a portable PC.

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