Components of Digital Computer

Hardware Components

Hardware Components  are one of the main component among the components of computer.

Hardware component means the physical devices attached with the computer.


Basically all the parts of the computer system that can be touched physically is hardware component. 

The computer hardware is given instruction by the software to execute a paticular task.

Hardware components when combined with the software components forms a useful computing system.


Hardware Upgrade → If one or more new hardware component is added to the existing hardware components of the computer system to improve the performance then it is known as Hardware upgrade. 


Example of hardware component

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Disk drive
  • Printer and 
  • Other peripheral devices

Important points to note:

  • Hardware components like CPU contains many toxic elements like lead and chromium in its metal plate. The circuit board contains mercury and chromium. There are wires and other such materials. If these are disposed carelessly then might become hazardous for the environment.

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