Input Device


A keyboard is the most common input device used in computer.

By using a keyboard the user can type the text on the computer.

User can also execute command by using keyboard.


The number of keys on a typical keyboard varies from 82 to 108 keys.


Various keys that you will see on keyboard are:

  • Function Keys
  • Enter Key
  • Backspace key
  • Insert key
  • Delete key
  • Special purpose key
  • Num lock key
  • Numeric keys
  • Page up and down keys
  • Up, down, left and right keys
  • Shift key
  • Space bar
  • Control and alt key
  • Windows key
  • Escape key
  • Tab key

Popularly keyboard are known as QWERTY keyboard.

It is so as the starting letters of the keyboards are Q, W, E, R, T, Y 


All the keys found on the keyboard falls in one of the following category:

  1. Digits
  2. Alphabets
  3. Special keys
  4. Symbols
  5. Arrow keys
  6. Function keys

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