Operating System

Features of OS

Operating system is integral part of computer system.

They perform various tasks and has several features.

Lets take a look at some of the features of OS.


Features of Operating System

  1. An operating system is designed to work on diverse hardware platforms.
  2. Another feature of a system is the user interface that determines how a user interacts with the computer.
  3. Operating system supports connectivity to different devices like, USB, CD/DVD, etc. When a user attaches a device to the computer, a device to the computer, a device driver provides an interface to the operating system to identify the device and make use of it.
  4. An operating system has an administrative user that can make changes to the computer settings.
  5.  The process of turning on the computer and loading the operating system into the RAM (Read Only Memory) is known as booting the computer. The boot process involves loading a number of programs and running a series of tests to ensure that the computer system is operating properly. All this happens automatically when you turn on the computer. 

The process of loading operating system into memory is known as booting

The process of booting is started by small program known as bootstrap loader.



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