Output Device

Output Formats

Computer Output means the data that is processed and returned by computer as a result.


The output easily understandable to human are in two forms:

  1. Hard Copy→ The hard copy generally refers to the printed information on the paper. The output result can be printed on paper and the printed form is known as hard copy. Hard copy is a permanent and relatively most stable form.
  2. Soft Copy→The electronic version of the computer output is known as soft copy. The soft copy stored on the computer disk or memory. These can be carried over by pendrives or sent over the mail to other persons. Any word documnet, presentation, etc that you see is the soft copy representation of computer output. Once printed it becomes a hard copy.

Types of Output Devices

Output devices for Hard copy

  1. Printers
  2. Plotters

Output devices for Soft copy

  1. Visual Display
  2. Audio Responce

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