Java Variables

Java Local Variable

Any variable declared inside method in java is known as local variable.


Important points related to local variable

  • Scope of the local variable is restricted to the method/constructor in which it is created. They are not accessible outside the method.
  • Local variables are not assigned any default value. If you fail to assign it a value then while using it compiler will give error. Say for example, int x; Then if you write System.out.println(x); you will get compiler error at x in print statement - "local variable x may not have been initialized".
  • static keyword cannot be used with any local variable. If you write static int x = 10; then compile-time error will occur.


Example of Local variable

package variables;

public class LocalVariable {

            public static void main(String[] args) {

                        int a = 10;    //var a local to main method
                        int res = a+1;  //var res local to main method







Example 2: Trying to access local variable outside the method

package variables;

public class LocalVariable {

            public static void main(String[] args) {

                        int a = 10;    //var a local to main method
                        int res = a+1;  //var res local to main method



            int b =20;
            int add = a + b;   //compilation error



Compilation error


Local variable cannot be accessed or used outside the method in which it is declared. This is why we were not able to use value of variable 'a' outside main() method and got compile time error.

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