Java Operators

Introduction to Operators

In java, operators are used for performing operation on constants and variables.

The constants and variables are known as operands

Operators and operands together form an expression.

The operators that require only one operands, which are called unary operators.

While the ones that require two operands are called binary operators.


In java, the operators can be classified into the followings types:

  • Arithmetic operators (+,-,*,/,%)
  • Relational operators(==,!=,<,>,<=,>=)
  • Logical operators (!, &&, ||)
  • Assignment operator (=)
  • Increment and Decrement operators (++, --)

We will be using any one or most of the operators during the programming.

Thus it becomes really necessary to understand the basic functionality of each one of them. So that we can apply them as per our need and convenience.


We will be learining about each one of the operators in upcoming chapters.


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