Basic Terminology

IP Address

IP Address is a unique logical address provided to each computer system on the internet network. 

IP stands for Internet Protocol.


To communicate, send files, send emails, share informations, etc with other systems it is necessary to know where that computer is. IP address helps identify the different systems uniquely. 

IP address is an identifier for a particular computer on a particular network.


Important points about IP address

  • IP address are unique
  • Two systems cannot have same IP address.
  • IP address are global and standardised.
  • All the systems connected to the internet agree to use the same scheme for establishing an address.


What is IP address of my computer?

To know the IP address of any computer execute following steps:

  1. Go to Start
  2. Click on Run
  3. Type 'cmd' and press OK button
  4. Command prompt will open
  5. Type 'ipconfig'
  6. Press Enter button

You will find the result as shown in the screenshot given below.



There are two types of IP mentioned:


1. IPv4

This address is made up of four positive whole numbers in the range of 0 to 255. Each positive whole number is separated by dot (.)

For example, and


IP address consists of four sections seperated by periods. Each section contains a number ranging from 0 to 255. These four sections represent both the machine itself or host, and network the host is connected to.


2. IPv6

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