Basic Terminology

Web Browser

The first web browser was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. 

The first browser was named as WorldWideWeb and later was renamed as Nexus.


All the HTML document on the web can be read with the help of a web browser.


A web browser recieves HTML document from the server, converts them to a form that user can read and finally displays them on computer screen.

Features of a Web Browser

  • Web Browsers helps you connect to the information available on world wide web through internet easily.
  • Modern web browsers comes with security features thus providing the user connected to internet protection from the common internet threats such as phishing, malware attacks and privacy.
  • Web browsers are freely available to use. You can just search for the one, install it and start using it.

Example of popularly known web browsers

  • Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Bing
  • Safari
  • UC Browser


browser examples, tutorials in hand



Advantages of web browser

  • Secured access to internet
  • Improved parental control to help parents block access to unwanted sites.
  • Modern web browser comes with new features called add-ons.
  • You can track your browsing history in the browsers.
  • You can bookmark any page on your browser that you like and want to visit again without taking the pain of remembering the url or name of the website.

Disadvantages of web browser

  • At times the web browsers becomes unresponsive hampering the task you are doing.

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