Basic Terminology

Website and Webpage

There are number of html documents present on World Wide Web. These html documents contain lot of information which can be accessed using URL via web browser.



These html documents are referred to as Web Pages

A web page may consist of texts, images, audio, video, graphics, hyperlinks, etc.

Web pages are placed on the server. 

One web page contains hyperlink of one or more other web page(s) of the same website or different website.

web browser  can process HTML documents and convert them to a form that users can read and display them on the computer screen. 



Collection of interlinked web pages with related information is referred to as website.

The page you are currently on is a webpage. All the pages of this website connected together with a common host (http://tutorialsinhand.com) forms a website.


Few webapges of this website you are currently on can be accesed through the given URL:

  • http://tutorialsinhand.com/tutorials/Web-Terminology/Basic-Terminology/ISP.aspx
  • http://tutorialsinhand.com/tutorials/Web-Terminology/Basic-Terminology/Web-Browser.aspx
  • http://tutorialsinhand.com/tutorials/Web-Terminology/Basic-Terminology/Firewall.aspx
  • http://tutorialsinhand.com/AllTutorials.aspx
  • http://tutorialsinhand.com/AllArticles.aspx

Similarly, there are lots of pages and all those pages combined together makes a website.

Every website has unique domain name (eg, tutorialsinhand.comand URL (eg, www.tutorialsinhand.com).

Every webpage of a website can be accessed by a unique URL over the internet. We have already shown url of 5 different web pages above.



The landing page of a Website is commonly referred to as Home Page or index page.

This is the first page of any website you visit. It is the page that automatically opens when a website is visited.


Considering our Website ‘Tutorials in Hand’ for demonstration.



Website: Tutorials in Hand

Domain name: tutorialsinhand


Home Page : http://tutorialsinhand.com/Home.aspx


Type of Website

1. Static website

2. Dynamic website

We will read more about type of websites in upcoming pages.

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