Computer Network


Computer network is what helps different computer systems, mobile systems or tablets to remain connected to each others.


The collection of interconnected computers that can exchange and share information or resources with each other is known as computer network.

A computer network can also have other peripheral devices such as printer. These are special type of priners called network printer which have network capabilities and are connected to computer network.


Advantage of a computer network

  • Resource sharing→ Any computer on the computer network has the capability to access and share resources from other system in the network.In a company, a file places at shared path can be accessed by various employees having right to access the location over the network.
  • Improved reliability→ If any system breaks down at any point then data can still be accessed easily from any other system connected to the network. This increases the reliability.
  • Improved storage→ In case your system has the limited space, you can use network space. This in turm helps in improving the storage capacity.
  • Reduced cost→ Once the initial set up is done and system starts running the cost of having computer network reduces to a great extent.

Disadvantage of computer network

  • Security risk→ Since the resources and files are to be accessed and shared among various people in the network so there is always security risk involved. Anyone may misuse the information and thus there needs to be extra care taken.
  • Imposes dependency→ Since sharing of resources depends on the file server so in case the server breaks down at any point of time would impact task of everyone connected on the network. No resource sharing would be possible in this case.
  • Virus and malware propagation→ Since resources and files are shared so are viruses and malwares along with them to other systems. Network admins should check for such things regularly and take neccesary actions to stop their propagations.
  • Initial setup cost→ There is always an initial network setup cost involved which may vary depending on the number of computers to be connected.

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