Computer Network

Wireless Network

The data is transmitted from one system to other through computer network.

This transmission of data can be done through wired or wireless mode. 


In this chapter of the tutorial, we are going to read about wireless mode of data transafer.

The example of wireless technology are Bluetooth, Infrared and Wi-Fi.



  • Bluetooth connects to other devices using low-power radio wave that are transmitted by Bluetooth chip.
  • Bluetooth can help you get connected upto eight devices.
  • Bluetooth can connect devices present in short range of about nearly 10 meters.
  • You can apply password protection so that connection is made with only authorized devices.
  • You can connect your mobile phone with other mobile phone or computer using bluetooth services.
  • Icon given below is the symbol of bluetooth


  • Infrared technology uses infrared waves to connect to other electronic devices.
  • Devices which are two be connected should be in the line of sight. There should not be any obstacle present as these waves cannot pass any solid objects.
  • Infrared can connect only two devices at a time.
  • Infrared is also suitable for short range communication (nearly 5 meters).
  • Example of infrared usage: TV remote controls



Wi-Fi means wireless fidelity

  • Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transfer data at high speed over wireless channel.
  • Wi-Fi helps to connect with any number of devices at any time. You can yourself put restriction, if you want, on how many devices can connect with your Wi-Fi at a time.


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