Type of websites

Static Website

A website can either be static website or dynamic (or interactive) website.


In this section of the tutorial, we are going to learn about static website.


Static Website displays same content or information to all the visitors. 

Features of static website

  • Static websites are not interactive to users.
  • Static website's content will not change until the developer makes any change in the code.
  • Static websites are mostly created using HTML and CSS.

Consider this web page for example that you are currently reading. No matter how many times you or someone else visits this page from any device, the content of this page remains same. It doesn't change from user to user. Same is the case with different pages of this tutorial. So this makes it static in nature.

Some pages of the page has dynamic nature as well whose content will be different for every visit. We will learn about it later. 


Advantages of static website

  1. Static websites can be developed quickly and much easily in comparision to dynamic websites.
  2. Static websites are not costly like dynamic website thus useful for business that needs to just display information about their business.
  3. Hosting of static website is cheaper in comparison to dynamic website.
  4. Static websites are processed much faster in comparision to dynamic websites. 

Disadvantages of static website

  1. Static website cannot be updated easily. To make any changes a web developer expertise is needed who needs to change the html files to let the changes get reflected on the webpage. If change on each webpage is needed then you need to update each individual html page which may be time consuming and tedious task.
  2. Static websites offer limited functionalities like displaying links, images, videos, etc.
  3. Static websites are not interactive in nature.

We will learn more about dynamic website in next chapter of this tutorial.

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