Types of Network

Personal Area Network

Personal Area Network(PAN)means a network in which data is transferred amongst several electronic devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).


PAN helps to connect various devices present in close proximity mostly within 10 meters.

PAN is generally set up for private or personal use.

A PAN network can be wired or wireless.


Device which provides internet supply to other devices is the main device and is refered to as Master device

All the devices that connect to the main devices are refered to as Slave device.


Data cable is an example of wired Personal Area Network.

Bluetooth and Infrared is an example of wireless Personal Area Network.

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To transfer songs, photos or videos between two devices like mobile to mobile we set up PAN.

Printer connected to computer or laptop via network is a PAN set up.

This data transfer can be done via wired or wireless channel.


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