Types of Network

Difference LAN vs WAN

In this chapter of the tutorial, we will see some of the major difference between LAN network vs WAN network.


Given below is the major difference.





LAN covers restricted geographical area of around 1 km. It is generally limited to a building, office, school , etc.

WAN has capability to cover several thousand kilometer of area. It can be installed a countrywide or worldwide.

LAN has relatively high transmission rate.

WAN has relatively lower transmission rate.

Error rates during transmission in LAN are lower.

Error rates during transmission in WAN is higher

In LAN, computers are physically connected by a coaxial or fiber optic cable.

In WAN, network uses leased telephone lines, microwave links and satellite link to connect computers.

The cost of data transmission is low in LAN

The cost of data transmission is high in WAN


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