Types of Network

Local Area Network

Local Area Network (LAN) is network that covers area such as a building or group of buildings within a short distance.

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a digital communication system that helps interconnect a workstations (group of computers), printers, plotters, hard disks, modem, etc. LAN has a restricted geographical area in which users can share several computers and other peripheral devices. A LAN can cover an area over a kilometer.


The speed of data transfer in LAN ranges from several thousand bits per second to 10 million bits per second. 


A LAN is built by ethernet cable.


A LAN has a server which is connected to other computers and devices through a device known as hub.


A hub is hardware networking device which connects various computers and computer devices on network through port.

Computers in office building or a school or campus is generally connected through LAN. 


A LAN will consist of following:

  1. Two or more computer systems
  2. Software to control the operation of the computers
  3. Various peripheral devices like laser printers, plotters, modems, etc.
  4. Coaxial or fibre optic cable used to connect computer systems and other devices in network.
  5. A plug-board to handle data transmission through network.

The most common types of LAN are:

  • Ethernet LAN
  • Novell
  • PC Network
  • Arcnet
  • Omninet


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