Types of Network

Wide Area Network

Wide Area Network, as the name suggests, is meant to cover a very large geographical area.

WAN is the system of interconnecting group of computers or workstations, peripheral devices, etc over a large geographical area like cities, states, countries or even world .


WAN uses telephone lines, satellite links or other long range communication technologies to connect to connect systems and devices.


Several LANs are connected to form WAN through router.

WAN can be of two types:

  1. Private networks→ In private network an organization takes telephone lines on lease to connect different sites into a network.
  2. Public networks→ Government owned telecommunication agencies mainly implements public networks.

Example of WAN

  • Public packet network
  • Corporate network
  • Military networks
  • Banking network
  • Stock brokerage network

A company with offices in various cities or states or countries may connect the LANs for each of the locations to each other through a WAN.


The largest WAN in existence is known as internet


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