SDLC Models

SDLC Basics

SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle.

Every software product goes through various steps during its life time.


Software Development Life cycle is an approach to understand clearly these various stages through which a software product passes through.


A life cycle model defines different kind of activities that is carried out while software product development is done. 

It also defines the sequencing of these activities in the order.

Customer requests for a software product and this is known as product conception. It is the starting of every software product.

After the product conception, the product goes through number of stages untill it is completely developed. Once complete the product is released and given to customer for use. This product is used for particular time period before it becomes obsolete and outdated. This way every software product has life cycle.


What is explained above is just a overview. Each stages has its own characteritics, need and formalities. We will study them soon.


A software life cycle is sequence of stages that a software product undergoes.

Software life cycle model can be clearly explained, described and represented diagrammatically.

Different software development may follow various approach or life cycle model for product development.

We will study some of the SDLC models those are popularly in use. They are:

  • Classical Waterfall Model
  • Iterative Waterfall Model
  • Prototyping Model
  • Evolutionary Model
  • Spiral Model
  • Agile Model

We will study each of the pointed development model one by one in upcoming section of this sdlc tutorials.

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