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SDLC Prototyping Model

The prototyping model needs to develop a prototype of the actual system or product to be developed. 

So before actual development work starts when following this model, a prototype which is a toy implementation of the product, needs to be created.

Refer to the diagram below:


      prototype model by tutorialsinhand.com


This prototype is built using several shortcuts and dummy functions.

It roughly shows for certain input how the system would behave and what output should be produced by refereing to lookup table instead of performing actual computation.

For the same reason prototype model is suitable for developing the GUI part of the project.


A prototype has limited functional capability, low reliability and inefficient performance as compared to the actual system.



Importance of building prototype

  • The prototype can be used to give clear view of the product that would be built before it is actually built. Since prototype is toy implementation so it can give a look and feel of how the real product would look when it is built.
  • Prototype can refer to a lookup table and show for particular input data, how the system would respond or what output would be produced. Though prototype has limited capability than actual product to be developed but its still useful to understand what client is about to recieve.
  • Building a prototype requires clear understanding of the requirement, features and functionality of the product to be developed. So this in turn helps the team to be at better position while developing the real system.

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