5 Body Language Mistakes Job Seekers make during an interview

5 Body Language Mistakes Job Seekers make during an interview

A perfect interview session is not just about performing well on the parameters of knowledge. There are other important aspects which if not taken care of may cost you a job.


These important parameters are cited below:


Failing to make an eye contact

A common mistake seen among major percentage of candidates appearing for interview was they failed to make an eye contact with the interviewer. This is something which clearly indicates your running out of confidence during interview session.

HR says – ‘Making an eye contact is very important during interview. It strongly sends a message to interviewer that you are ready to face the questions from interviewer.’


Crossing your arms

During interview when you are answering certain questions don’t sit crossing your arms even by mistake. This may send a bad signal to the interviewer.


Playing with your fingers on the table

Your nervousness and anxiety is reflected when you start playing with fingers on the front desk or knocking the desk with pen or tend to do any other such activity.


Improper sitting posture

Don’t sit in front of interviewer as if you are forced to sit in front of him just for the sake of job. Sit straight with confidence and while making an eye contact with interviewer from time to time.


Using hand gesture too much

While interview process is on don’t try to move your hand to much while explaining your points to interviewer. Be normal. Just explain your points clearly without making enough movement.


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