C Basics

C Introduction

C programming is the basic and one of the most widely used programming language. It has a very rich history and prosperous future too.


C is a structured oriented programming language developed at Bell Laboratories in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie. C is flexible, reliable, robust, portable, efficient and structured programming language.


As of now you have decided to learn C programming - “Welcome to the C tutorial for Students, Beginners and Professionals”.


           C tutorial by tutorialsinhand.com


Here we are going to provide you with very basic to advanced level of knowledge on C. Every topic will be explained with a suitable example for better understanding.


Before we proceed, what we expect from our readers:

  • It would be bit easy if you have earlier worked on programming language like C++, etc. 
  • If not, no need to worry. We will start from scratch. You won’t face any difficulty and in case you do, please write to us. Rest assured we will surely help you.


Intended Audience:

  • C students or beginners
  • Professionals willing to refresh their C programming skills

Tutorials In Hand promises you to provide best C learning experience and knowledge. Stay focussed with this C tutorial to learn core and fundamental concepts easily. 

Let us start and enter the world of C programming. 


Note: Don’t skip the practice program if you want to have good grip on C programming.


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