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Course Name Date Time Duration Faculty Course type Price Registration
Core Java Online Training Batch 1 17-APR-2021 10:30 AM IST 2 hours(21 days) Real-Time Expert (11 years of industry experience) Online Training Free Join using this link
Intro to web automation in Selenium Python
(with hands on projects)
25-APR-2021 10:30 AM IST 2.5 hours(1 day) Md. Ayyan Fahim [Selenium python expert] Webinar Free

Core Java online course details

Classes along with topics covered in each class

Class 1 : Java Basics

Training induction, Schedule info (3 days a week), Basics of Java including what lies ahead (java jdbc project), What is java?, Why java is required?, Why java is popular?, Future of java, Java editions [se, ee, me, fx], java history, java software requirements.

Class 2 : Varriables, Operators and Decision making

Working with Java varriables, operators and decision making including what are varriables? types of varriables, naming convensions with example, types of operators,decision making statements (if , if else, if else ladder, ternary operator)

Class 3 : Loops for and while

for loop, while loop, examples, print numbers 1-10, square, cube , multiplication table, patterns

Class 4 : Loops do while, switch statement, menu driven applications

do while loop, switch statement, menu driven applications.

Class 5 : Java OOP 1

What is OOP?, advantages, example of programming language supporting OOP and pure OOP language,4 pillars, is java pure OOP?, OOP vs POP, class & object concept, (nested class), encapsulation

Class 6 : Java OOP 2

Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction

Class 7 : Java OOP 3

Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction - programs

Class 8 : Java String

Basic concepts, methods, related programs, StringBuffer & String Builder

Class 9 : Java String

Important methods and programs

Class 10 : Keywords, Garbage collection

static, final, super, this, garbage collection concepts

Class 11 : Java Arrays

Java arrays concept, java array based programs

Class 12 : Exception Handling 1

What is exception, exception vs error, exception hierarchy, ways to handle exception, try,catch, finally

Class 13 : Exception Handling 2

throw vs throws, checked and unchecked exception, custome exceptions, final vs finally vs finalize

Class 14 : Java Collection Framework - 1

List, Set concept, methods and related programs, Iterator, Listiterator concepts, Collection vs Collections

Class 15 : Java Collection Framework - 2

Map concepts, Collection sorting, comparable vs comparator

Class 16 : Java Collection Framework - 3

Revison on Collection concepts

Class 17 : Java Multithreading - 1

Multithreading concepts and life cycle, create java threads using extend and implements

Class 18 : Java Multithreading - 2

Methods in multithreading, scheduler and priority

Class 19 : Java Date Concepts

using date, formatting in date time

Class 20 : Java 8 Features - 1

Java 8 features, functional interface, use of lambda expression and programs

Class 21 : Java 8 Features - 2

foreach(), String joiner, Stream filter & API, etc. and session conclusion

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