Advantages and disadvantages of fixed point representation

Advantages and disadvantages of fixed point representation

In this article, we are going to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of fixed point representation.


Advantages of fixed point representation

Given below are major advanatges of fixed point representation:

  1. Fixed point representation is suitable for representing integers in registers.
  2. Fixed point representation is easy to represent because it uses only one field, i.e. magnitude field.

Disadvantages of fixed point representation

Given beow are major disadvantages of fixed point representation:

  1. In fixed point representation, range of representable number is restricted.
  2. In fixed point representation, it is difficult to represent complex fractional number.
  3. Since there is no standard representation for fixed point representation, so it is sometime confusing to represent a number in this method.

These are the merits and demerits of fixed point representation.


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