What are advantages of C++?

What are advantages of C++?

In this chapter of c++ interview questions and answers, we will learn about:

  • advantages of c++
  • c++ advantages over java
  • c++ advantages over c

C++ is a free-form programming language that supports:

  • procedural,
  • object-oriented,
  • generic programming.

​C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup of AT&T Laboratories.

Now lets have a look at major advantages of c++ programming language.


Advantages of c++

1. Object-oriented

C++ programming supports classes, polymorphism, data abstraction, inheritance, and allows code to be reusable. This feature helps to solve real-world problems.

2. Memory Usage

C++ gives full control over memory management for which DMA(Dynamic Memory Application) can be implemented for better usage of the program.

3. Efficient

Compilation can be done in highly optimized computers with no or little overhead.

4. Strictly Statically Typed

A large amount of logic can be proved and performed at compile time, by type checking system.

5. Multi-paradigm:

C++ allows the use and penalty-free mixing of procedural, OOP, generic programming.

6. Huge Applications:

Real-time games, mathematics computation to 3D graphics, GUI - C++ can be used in many places.

7. Rich Library

C++ programming provides a heritage of rich library that is really helpful in real time project development.

8. Portability

C++ is also portable in nature and preffered for multidevice and multiplatform application development. 


This presents to you basic advantages of c++.

Now lets compare c++ with c, java and python. Others have their own benefit but lets focus on what advantages c++ offers over them.

C++ advantages over java

Given below are advantages of c++ over java:

  • C++ supports multiple inheritance whereas it is not supported directly(interface concept is used to indirectly acheive multiple inheritance) in java.
  • C++ supports goto statements which is not there in java.
  • C++ supports concept of operator overloading that is not supported in java.
  • C++ supports call by value and call buy

C++ advantages over c

Given below are advantages of c++ over c language:

  • C++ facilitates use of exception handling which is not possible in C
  • C++ offers concept of function overloading which is not there in C
  • C++ allows both procedural and OOP programming while C is only procedural. So C++ should be picked up where oop design and programming is needed.
  • We can create class and objects using c++ whereas in c we need to rely on structures. 

Similarly you should do comparative study of C++ with other language that you will use like python, etc. for better understandibility and concept building.



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