All you need to know as an engineering fresher graduate to be prepared for interview

All you need to know as an engineering fresher graduate to be prepared for interview

This article is basically dedicated to the engineering students or graduates dreaming to land up in IT jobs.


What should we prepare for the interview?

This question is really difficult for them to find exact answer. I also faced the same problem when I was about to pass out five years ago.

Someone will guide to have knowledge of database, someone will say C and Java is important while others will mention that C, C++ and data structure is really important.

Definitely all are important subject and programming language. But will interviewer question every subject and every programming language.

Most probably, No


Final year project

Knot my words right now. 

Final year project has the huge potential to maximize a candidates chance of getting selected in the interview.

It's a project for which you have one years of time in your hand. So you are provided enough time to learn a lot of things.


Most of the Engineering students do not take their final year project seriously and somehow submit it at the last moment for the sake of good grades.

You can escape the clasps of your college as they cannot ruin your career by giving low grades even if you submit worst project.

But nobody will spare you during interview.


Programming Language

As an IT interviewee it will be real sin to not have knowledge about programming language.

So try to learn C, C++ and Java during your college days. Today students are also interested in learning Python or R.

Learn whatever you want but plan accordingly for interview.


It will be best to mention your strongest programming language in sets like:

  1. C (Procedural Oriented Programming), and
  2. C++ or Java or Python or R (Object Oriented Programming)

You can make your own set as well (including any other programming language). But make sure to show atleast two programming language that you know.


After this you need to mention at least one database. So go for:



Subject wise (chose any two):

  1. Data Structure 
  2. RDBMS
  3. Software Engineering

Follow the plan and you will have full confidence as you appear for the interview and maximum benefit.

I appeared for only two interviews in 2013 after passing out of college and cleared both.


Definitely HR interview is also important and I will share the HR questions and approach to answer those questions.

But to reach there you need to clear the first hurdle - technical interview.


Hope our article helps you.

Best of luck smiley -

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