Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been the popular topic of discussion for the years.


The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was coined in the year 1956 and during those periods it was used in areas like problem solving, symbolic methods and training computer systems to do basic reasoning like human-being.


But today, the world has got advanced technology, enormous computing capability, huge storage space and sophisticated algorithms. All these combined together has catapulted the growth of Artificial Intelligence in the recent time.


Artificial Intelligence aims at providing learning, thinking, acting and responsive capability to machine or computer systems. This will help systems or machines exhibit almost human like intelligence and perform right actions for the requests.

Common example popularized by movies about AI is the Robots. Robots are shown to get trained to behave and act like human, self-train themselves, and even do other tasks that are possible for genius persons only or even beyond them. But artificial intelligence is not restricted to just robotics. Its vast and beyond just robotics.


Artificial Intelligence is believed to have its own advantages and disadvantages. We will focus on them.


Advantages of AI

Improved Efficiency and minimal error: A human being performs number of repetitive task while performing his job. At the same time, he makes mistakes as well. But automation will help solve this problem to a great extent. Machine will be trained to perform repetitive task and as it works on same set of algorithm every time so chances of mistake will reduce.


Increases safety: Artificial Intelligence is working towards increasing safety for the human being in many areas as possible.

For example, self-driving car is going to decrease the number of people getting killed, injured or handicapped in road accident to a large extent. Human mind gets diverted for several reason but machine having AI power is beyond such things.


Computers and Robots are used for surgeries and are found to be more accurate in making cut and operating. So this is really helping doctors around the world performing complex surgeries.



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