Best Reference books for Mechanical Engineering

Best Reference books for Mechanical Engineering

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This article attempts to the cover the  most nightmarish subjects  which are a part of your Mechanical Engineering  degree along with recommending best sources to prepare them.It dosent aim to advertise any publisher  but out of genuine concern for budding and aspiring Mechanical Engineers


STRENGTH OF MATERIALS - B.C.Punamia;Timoshenko

Timoshenko is considered the bible for this subject.But before going for it,its recommended to precede it with B.C. Punamia.Even for GATE aspirants,these two will be sufficient along with previous year questions.If your faculty is good,don’t  bunk  a single lecture.This subject will form the base of your course and will be used abundantly in further semesters.This one usually comes in the 3rd semester.




I gave this paper after SOM and my heartbeat was double the usual rate when I got the question paper.Be serious with this monster of a subject .P.K.Nag should be thoroughly studied .Practice as any numericals as possible from past question papers





I fell in love with the subject and the book;didn’t bunk a single lecture(prof. was that good).This book covers everything from your college level to GATE level





KILL ME ALREADY!The subject that can wreak havoc in  7th semester .Wanna clear this one,lick Grover from  start to finish.





 On the surface the subject  looks dead easy but wait till you get the question paer.If you are not well versed and conceptually clear GAME ON to avoid a backlog.I think Khurmi should be more than enough but if you tie on your hands,it wont hurt to refer Ratan



Will come with the 2nd part of this article soon.


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