How to break permission inheritance using flow

How to break permission inheritance using flow

In this article we will see how to break permission inheritance of a list item or file using Microsoft flow or Power automate.


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Breaking permission of a list item or File is most important thing that we do in SharePoint as a developer and now this option is available in Flow and that makes flow more useful.

Normally when we a list item  or file is created then sometimes we need to break the permissions and assign new permissions to the item or file.

Lets create a flow which runs when An item or file is created and break the permissions and assign new permissions to the item or file.


Create Flow

Lets create a flow and for this perticular example, the flow will trigger when an item is created.

So  do below steps to create a flow

  1. Navigate to
  2. Go to My flows and click new instant-From blank
  3. Choose trigger when an item is create, if not there then click on skip and add later
  4. Thus we have our flow created

Break Permision Inheritance

To break the permission inheritance, do below steps.

  1. Click Add new Step and Choose "Stop sharing an item or file"
  2. Select your Site address , List name and enter Id of item that need to break permission
  3. Id can be choosen dynamically from Create an item trigger

Grant permission to the Item

Now the permission of item has been broken, and we may want to grant permission . follow below steps to grant permission.

  1. Click on Add new step and choose Grant permission to an item or file.
  2. In site address , Enter your site address
  3. In List or Library Name , Enter your list name
  4. In ID , Enter id of item to break permission, you can choose dynamically from trigger
  5. In Recipients , Enter the login ids of users
  6. in Role, Select role you need to grant
  7. If you want to send Email Notification to users and choose Yes for notify recipients and enter a message.
  8. Now you have created your flow. Save and test your flow by performing the trigger (i.e adding a new item in the list) 


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