Characteristics of information with examples

Characteristics of information with examples

In this chapter, we will learn about:

  • what is information in computer?
  • examples of information
  • characteristics of information
  • what are the 5 characteristics of information?

There is lot of data floating around in our universe. 


We need to collect those data, knit them together and thus making them fruitful for certain purpose. When we process the data to be useful then it becomes information.


What is information?

The data represented in organized and structured format that can help in evaluating certain problems or making decision is termed as information in computer. In simple term, we can say, processed data is called information.

Examples of information

  • Mark sheet of students
  • Time chart of train schedule
  • Pay slip of employees

Check our video tutorial on what is information & characteristics of information:

Lets now move ahead and learn about important characteristics of information.

Characteristics of information

Given below are the important 5 characteristics of information:

[Please follow the above video tutorial for more explanation and examples]


Accuracy of data plays vital role in helping the decision making.

As accurate the information will be, better will be decision making. Accuracy of information means the ratio of correct information to the total information gathered over certain time period.



Information should be generated with help of reliable and valid data to be helpful in contributing to effective decision making.



Incomplete information gathered and shared with decision maker is of no use as this will contribute to hindrance in decision making. Information must be complete to contribute in decision making.



An accurate information will always be centralized and to the point. It should not contain unnecessary details not related to the event on which decision making is in progress.



Information must be relevant to the topic. It should not be messed up with unwanted details to confuse decision makers.



Information should on time. Delayed information is not very useful. For example, if a newspaper publish the breaking news of today after one month then would that be so relevant to anyone. That is why to make more impact the information should follow the timeliness.


Fit for Purpose

The information should focus on the purpose for which it is needed to help in better decision making.



The information should always be reliable and thus authentic to help in taking decision on any purpose.


All of the above features of information are important in terms of decision making.


Questionwhat are the 5 characteristics of information?

This is the most important question asked on this topic in exams. Please keep in mind atleast 5 characteristics of information as explained above and in video.

This wraps up our session on characteristics of information or features of information.


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