Compile and Run Java program using command prompt

Compile and Run Java program using command prompt

If you are using java development tools like Eclipse, Netbeans, etc. for development purpose then you can simply use the menu provided to compile and run your java programs.


But it is still a good idea to be aware about the process and commands required to compile & execute java programs using the command prompt.

To be able to accomplish our task we will write a sample java code and then compile and execute it on command prompt and observe the output.


Assuming name of java program file as,

Command to Compile Java Program: javac

Command to run Java Program: java

We will lean how to use these commands below:


Source File:

package basic;

public class MyFirstProgram {

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		System.out.println("Hello World");
		System.out.println("Hello Java");
		System.out.println("Hello Learning");



Open command prompt (Start → type cmd→ Click on Command Prompt).


Compile your java program


When you compile your java source code using above command (assuming you have properly set your path and classpath) then a .class file with name MyFirstProgram.class will be created at the java classpath.


If path is not set then you need to be on bin folder of your JDK while using javac, use below command,

JDKPath\bin> javac


It looks somewhat like this on cmd,

javac command to compile java program


Above javac command is used to compile a java class named which is assumed to be saved in d:\



Run your java program

java MyFirstProgram


When you run the above java program using above command on cmd, you get following output:

Hello World

Hello Java

Hello Learning


To Learn java in details click here 

Java Interview Questions

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