Guide to create and submit article on

Guide to create and submit article on

Please follow the below steps to write and submit your articles on


1. Login to the website with your credentials. You will be redireced to your profile page as shown below:

write for

2. Click on + Add New Article (see the image above). A pop-up will open asking to fill article url and article title as shown below:

write for

3. For example, your article topic is 'What is marker interface in java?'

Please fill up the details as:

Article Url: what-is-marker-interface-in-java

Artice Title: What is marker interface in java?


4. Click on Save button.

5. You will be redirected to the edit article page. Here you can enter more detail about article like

  • Search Keywords (optional)
  • Search Description (optional)
  • Tags (Max 4 tags) (optional)
  • Content (mandatory)

See the sample screenshot below:

write for


6. Once you have written your content. Click on save button at the bottom of the page.

7. A draft version of your article is saved and is visible to you in your created content section as shown below:

write for tutorialsinhand.com8. Now you can do two things:

  • Click on pencil icon to further edit article before submission.
  • Click on Email icon to send the article for review & approval. Once you click on email icon, the status of article will change from Draft to InApproving

Your article is submitted.

Wait for it to get approved and published carrying your details under Author section.


You can edit your article any time you want and re-submit for approval.

For any problem or queries during content creation process, click here and fill your query

We will revert back with solution.


We thank you for your determination and passion to share your knowledge with the world. Lets pledge to make this world a better place to learn.


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