Cyber crime in computer world

Cyber crime in computer world

Any activity performed with evil or criminal intentions with computers support is actually a cyber crime.

In any cyber crime computer is either a tool with which crime is performed or any other computer is targeted by someone or one computer is targeted using another computer.

Cyber crime in recent time is most complex and complicated problem.


Various types of cyber crime

  • Unauthorized use of computer to steal a username and password of the victim’s computer.  
  • Attacking the victim’s computer with malicious programs like spamming, releasing virus or worms, Trojan horses.

Most common cyber crime is theft of online banking sensitive information’s and then stealing money using those information from victim’s account.


Person who perform cyber crime are usually known as hackers.

Cyber crime cell

To prevent the increasing amount of cyber crime in recent time cyber crime cell has been introduced.

If one is being harassed by means of computer in any way then they should immediately contact their nearest cyber crime cell to report their problem.

Cyber crime cell contains special team of officer who are well trained in computer's to track such unauthorized activity and help one get rid of it. 


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