Difference between OOP and POP

Difference between OOP and POP

In this java interview questions, we will learn about:

  • difference between oop and pop

Lets first learn what oop and pop stands for.

  • OOP stands for Object-Oriented Programming
  • POP stands for Procedural Oriented Programming

Now lets check the difference between oop vs pop.

Basic difference between oop and pop in java is given below:

Difference POP vs OOP



POP follows top down approach

OOP follows bottom up approach

In POP a program is divided into functions

In OOP a program is divided into objects

POP does not support access specifier

OOP support access specifier

POP does not allow overloading

OOP allows overloading

POP is less secure as it doesn’t have proper way of data hiding

OOP is secure as it has proper way of data hiding

POP doesn’t support inheritance concept

OOP support inheritance concept

Example: C, Pascal, Fortran

Example: Java, C++, C#


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