Difference Get vs Post method

Difference Get vs Post method

GET and POST methods are two of the most widely used methods in HTTP.


HTTP bridges the communication between the client and server and it has various methods like PUT, HEAD, DELETE, GET and POST to facilitate the activity. HTTP works on request and response mechanism. Here request is sent from client. This request will be either in GET, PUT or others form. So the method we use to send a request has some impact on the activity that can be performed. Most commonly you can see these methods when you fill-up online form and then submit it. Here in this article we are going to focus only on GET and POST method.


Let’s focus on the key differences between GET and POST method:


1.     Data submit limit  

GET method allows limited data to be submitted

POST method has no such restriction. It allows submission of detailed form data or entire paragraph.


2.       Reload page or Back button click 

If you apply back button or re-load the filled form, then GET data is not impacted or lost.

POST data is lost if you apply back button or reload the page. In such cases, browser alerts the client that if he/she continue with reload or back button action data will be lost and they will need to re-submit entire data.


3.       Bookmark

GET can be bookmarked

POST cannot be bookmarked


4.       Cache

GET can be cached

POST cannot be cached


5.       Data type allowed

GET allows only ASCII character to be submitted

POST no such restriction


6.       Security

GET is not secure for submitting password or other sensitive information as the data you submit is visible in the URL.

POST is secure compared to GET method as data you submit is not visible in browser.



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