Difference Hashmap vs Hashtable in java

Difference Hashmap vs Hashtable in java

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  •  hashmap vs hashtable in java

Hashmap vs Hashtable in java

Difference between HashMap and HashTable is highlighted below based on the following parameters:
Synchronized Nature
HashMap is not synchronized in nature.
HashTable is synchronized in nature.
HashMap can be traversed by using an iterator.
HashTable can be traversed by using an iterator or enumerator.
Null value/key
HashMap allows only one null key and any number of null values.
HashTable doesn't allow key or value to be null.
fail-fast nature of iterator or enumerator
Iterator in HashMap is fail-fast.
Enumerator in HashTable is not fail-fast.
HashMap is faster in terms of performance.
HashTable is slower in comparision to HashMap in terms of performance.
Reason: Since HashTable is synchronized in nature so it doesn't allow multi-threading operation on a particular resource at a time thus turning out to be slower than HashMap which is non-synchronized by nature.

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