Difference between Iterator vs ListIterator

Difference between Iterator vs ListIterator

Here we will learn about differences between iterator and list iterator.
Iterator and ListIterator java differ based on following parameters:
1. Traversal direction
  • Iterator allows to traverse the List, Set and Map in only forward direction. Iterator is unidirectional in nature.
  • ListIterator allows to traverse the List (remember only List) in both forward and backward direction. ListIterator is bidirectional.
2. Method
  • Iterator has next() method, using which forward traversal is possible.
  • ListIterator has next() method for forward traversal and previous() method for backward traversal.
3. Collection implementations that can be traversed
  • Iterator can traverse List, Set and Map.
  • ListIterator can only be used for List traversal.
4.  Modifying the elements while traversing
  • Iterator can only remove the element during iteration. It has only remove() method.
  • ListIterator can add, remove and set elements during iteration.
5. Current position
  • Iterator cannot determine the current position of iteration during iterating over List.
  • ListIterator can determine the current position of iteration during iterating over List.
6. Retrieve index
  • Index of the element cannot be retrieved using Iterator.
  • Index of the element can be retrieved using ListIterator using previousIndex() and nextIndex() method.



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