Difference between java vs c++

Difference between java vs c++

In this article, we will learn major difference between:

  • java vs c++

Java vs C++

Given below is java vs c++ differences based on pointers:


1. Platform dependence support

  • Java is platform independent programming language.
  • C++ is platform dependent programming language.

2. Multiple inhertance support

  • Java doesn't support multiple inheritance concept through class. However, it can acheived through interface.
  • C++ support multiple inheritance concept through class

3. Goto statement support

  • goto statement is not supported in java.
  • goto statement is supported in C++

4. Structure support

  • Java doesn't supports structures.
  • C++ supports structures.

5. Union support

  • Java doesn't support union
  • C++ support union

6. Call by value or reference

  • Java supports only call by value
  • C++ supports both call by value and call by reference.

7. Pointers support

  • Java doesn't support concept of pointers in programming. However java internally use pointer concepts.
  • C++ supports pointer programming.

8. Operator overloading

  • Java doesn't support operator overloading
  • C++ supports operator overloading

9. Internet support

  • Java provides built in support for internet.
  • C++ doesn't provide built in support for internet.

10. Generics and Template support

  • Java supports generics concept
  • C++ supports template concepts

Java program files (source code) are stored as .java extentions.

C++ program files (source code) are stored as .cpp extentions.


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