IT Stories - Don't treat your junior colleagues as a labor

IT Stories - Don't treat your junior colleagues as a labor

Don't treat your junior colleagues as a labor assigned under you. Help them build career and not frustration towards IT world.


In these 7+ years, while working on different projects I have seen various kind of senior employees. About 60% of them generally thinks its their right to taunt or humiliate juniors (mostly freshers to 2 years experienced) for their lack of knowledge and problem solving ability or some other issues. And then they use these reasons to foul-mouth the new comers and thus draw source of corporate entertainment out of it. As they know that nobody is going to complain on their name. So enjoy the priviledge of being senior.


If you simply assign task to new comer and leave them on their own, how can you expect to get best out of them?

Some juniors are exceptional. But everyone is not born intelligent. They need explanation and guidance.


Don't call juniors everytime on mobile to ask of their whereabouts every 10-15 minutes. They also need to go for lunch or refresh their mind (this instance happened with me also in my 2nd year as employee). 


Remember, they will not require your help forever. After sometime they will become productive and would help you in task.


Try to promote healthy environment to build beautiful professional world. Don't let junior draw inspiration from wrong seniors and become one like them. Else cycle will continue.


I was lucky to have best seniors who not only taught me right value but also helped me grow my skills at task. I am imitating them and improving in this art.


What kind of senior you are or want to be?


Experience from my professional journey #sonupandit

Reminder to readers:

  • As a senior its your duty to help the junior assigned under you to grow their skills. Remember, its an opportunity for you to build better future. Because the junior is the future of the industry.
  • Treat them the same way you wanted to be treated when you were junior.
  • If you are junior then don't get offended at each and everything because senior have to handle lots of things that you are not even aware of. Everytime senior is not wrong.

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