Frameworks to learn for java developers in 2020

Frameworks to learn for java developers in 2020

Mastered java...

What next should be on your list of learning that could boost your technical knowledge?

If you are aspiring to be a pro java developer, then after mastering java you need to learn these frameworks to expedite your development career.


Here we are going to tell you about frameworks that could be part of your next learning mission.


Spring Framework

Its really important to learn spring framework for a java developer. Its a framework in demand.

Spring framework has different modules.

Out of them you atleast need to know core spring module and spring MVC module.

Later you can keep learning other modules to become a perfect Spring developer.

To learn about all the modules of spring or start learning spring - Click here 


If you are looking for Spring Book recommendation, then go for any of them:

  1. Spring in action by Craig Walls - Buy now
  2. Getting Started with Spring framework - Buy now

Spring Boot

Spring Boot can further be learnt to simplify our spring developement. Once you learn core spring and MVC it will be really beneficial to learn about Spring Boot as this technology has huge demand in market.

While learning spring you will experience that lots of configuration needs to be taken care of.

For large application development, it can sometime become tedious.

Spring Boot is built to simplify it and boost java development with spring.


If you are looking for Spring Boot Book recommendation, then go for any of them

  1. Spring Boot CookBook by Alex Antonov
  2. Mastering Spring Boot 2.0 : Build Modern, Cloud-native and distributed system using Spring Boot - Buy now


Hibernate is an ORM (Object Relational Mapping). 

Any application will need to interact with database. 

Hibernate simplifies the interaction of your java code with database and eliminates the boiler plate code as well. It has its own language like SQL called HQL or Hibernate Query Language.


If you are looking for Spring Boot Book recommendation, then go for any of them

  1. Java Persistence with Hibernate, Second Edition by Christian, Gavin and Gary - Buy now

Note: Java, Spring and Hibernate makes a perfect combination and any developer having knowledge of these three is suitable candidate for hiring.


If you already know above frameworks then you can plan to learn any of the below:

  1. Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  2. Apache Hadoop
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Node.js
  5. React

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