Important points to remember for fresh graduates preparing for interview

Important points to remember for fresh graduates preparing for interview

A mere thought of interview might be intimidating. 

Nervousness, anxiety, unwanted thoughts and sleepless nights will all try to befriend you.
You will want to revise things you know multiple times. And you will panic about topics you don't know.

There is nothing wrong if all this is happening with you before one or two days of interview. Its normal.

Enough has been said about all those that may occupy your mind while interview is knocking your door.

Let me now talk about the ways you should overcome these fears or any other fear that you have about interview.

First be calm and relaxed

Don't let any negative feelings hang around you. They will just let you go weak mentally and physically. If you win this battle then you have won half the battle.

Reason being now you are well composed. You can plan your things. 

Even after you have won your first battle and are bothered about the result of the interview - What if I am rejected?

Is this the last interview of your life? 
Are you sure life will not give you more such interviews?


Question yourself

The kind of answer that you will get from within yourself will determine if you will move closer to your target by 10% or not.

Being positive will free your mind from thought about the consequence of interview.

This is the need of the time.

I will just say - 'Always keep your hope alive'. Action is upto you.

In one or two days before interview you cannot learn new language, concept or revise every topic from every book. 

If you have been honest in your preparation in past then you need not worry about future. Believe you have enough knowledge that will help you crack the interview. But you need to plan for the interview.

This planning starts from your CV

Remove all the unnecessary subjects and languages that you don't know and are not even 80 % confident of. Just add those subjects whose questions answer you can explain crystal clear to interviewer. 
Remember, interviewer will never expect you to know everything. They expect you to have solid knowledge and explanation power.

Also your final year project is extremely significant from interview perspective. 

After you have worked on your CV, start with your final year project

  • Explain your project to yourself.
  • Note down every important term that you speak while explaining.
  • Think of all possible question that could be asked picking up any of those keywords.
  • Try to avoid any keyword, if possible, that you are not confident of. Try to find alternatives.
  • But make sure to learn it after interview. That would help you get prepared for upcoming interview.
  • If you worked in a team, figure out the challenges you faced.
  • How you overcame the challenge?

Same goes with the subjects(e.g. Java, Data Structure, etc.) that you have mentioned in the CV. 

  • Figure out the common questions asked from those subjects
  • Research various sites like Indiabix, etc.

Always keep in mind.

You are an educated person who have cleared various exams, overcame many difficulties in life.

Don't give life a chance to humiliate you. Grow your confidence, be bold and sure that you are born to do great things. Even greater than cracking this interview and getting a job.

Best of luck! smiley by Tutorialsinhand

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