Interview questions on jsp

Interview questions on jsp

Interview questions on jsp is a guide that help you ace your jsp basic interview questions.


Given below are commonly asked interview questions on jsp:

  1. What is JSP?
  2. Advantages offered by JSP.
  3. How many implicit objects are there in JSP?
  4. Explain life cycle of JSP?
  5. How can JSP in MVC?
  6. What is scriptlet tag?
  7. What is expression tag?
  8. What is declaration tag?
  9. How many directives are there in JSP?
  10. What is JSP page directive?
  11. What is JSP include directive?
  12. What is JSP taglib directive?
  13. What are the ways you can include result of another page in JSP?
  14. What is jsp:setproperty?
  15. What is jsp:getproperty?
  16. Servlet Context vs Page context?
  17. Request.getRequstDispatcher() vs Context.getRequstedDispatcher()?
  18. What is Expression Language in JSP? Advantages
  19. What are different types of comment in JSP?
  20. How do you configure init param for JSP?
  21. Which life cycle methods of JSP can be orerriden?
  22. What are the types of JSTL tags in JSP?
  23. What is deployment descriptor in JSP?
  24. Can javaScript be used in JSP page?
  25. JSP vs Servlet
  26. Explain the advantages of JSP over HTML?
  27. What are JSP actions? Examples
  28. What are different JSP literals?
  29. What are Various attributes in page directive?
  30. Error page vs isErrorPage attribute
  31. What is Thtead Safe attribute in JSP?
  32. What is session attribute?
  33. What is jsp:usebean action?
  34. What is jsp:forward action?
  35. What is jsp:plugin action?
  36. Request vs response object
  37. What are different scope values for JSP action?
  38. JSPWriter vs PrintWriter?
  39. Get vs Post
  40. How can we read form data in JSP?
  41. What are cookies? How to set cookies in JSP?
  42. What are filters?
  43. Is JSP extensible?

Link for answer to each jsp interview questions will be updated soon.

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