Interview Questions - Introduce yourself

Interview Questions - Introduce yourself

This is the first and the most common interview question in any interview. Be it a clerk interview, supervisor interview or for any other position. This question will surely be thrown at you by interviewer.
Points to remember when you hear this question
  • Question sounds simple but is really important.
  • It gives you opportunity to reflect who you are.
  • What you know?
  • The value you add to the work utilizing your education and work experience.

For Freshers
How I answered the same question 7 years back when I was a fresher?
Personal details mentioned below are all used for example purpose and not real to me.
I am Sonu Pandit, a fresh graduate with good communication, presentation as well as interpersonal skills. I have strong technical knowledge related to my Computer Science stream. Among them I am most proficient with C, C++ and java programming languages. I am always open to explore new things which keeps appetite of learning alive within me. I have completed my final year project in sensor networking.
Now coming back to educational qualification, I have completed my graduation in B.Tech with 8.2 DGPA from GNIT. I completed both 10 and 12 from MD School with 84% and 78% respectively.
Speaking about my family background, I am from a middle class family whose head is my father followed by my mother. My father is an Accountant and mother is a house wife.
My focus at present is to be part of "XYZ Company" so that I can utilize my skills and knowledge at the same time learning from the leaders of this elite organization.
Its all about me, sir. Is there anything else you would like to know about me?
Note: I saw my first para created a good impact on the interviewer. As I finished what's written in first para, interviewer uttered - "Very Good". That's what helps me draw the conclusion.


Though there are many possible ways to answer this question but whichever way you follow you should have one thing in mind that you try to reflect your skills, value you add along with your educational background or experience you hold and family background.
You can take above as introduce yourself examples.

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