IT Stories - Tagged to a wrong project

IT Stories - Tagged to a wrong project

Once I was tagged to a support project after having worked as java developer for 3.7 years. 
In the internal interview they asked questions from the area like spring, java/java8, rest, etc. After interview discussion, I asked from the interviewer, what is the project about and what techs are involved in it. He just answered - "its a good project and you will learn great things". I was confused at this.
I went and talked to the resource management team and they said there is no other opportunity available as of now so go ahead. This way I was assigned to that project. While I started working on the project, I realized there was nothing in the project that interested me and if continued I will forget all that I have learned so far. I was passionate about development works in java, spring, hibernate and further wanted to go with ML in future. In short, I can say the work involved in the project was of creating excel sheets by analyzing the sales trends, resolving tickets by looking at the logs, creating unnecessary documents, copying huge amount of files or data from one server to other whenever client wanted and so on.
I went to my supervisor again and had a talk with him regarding the project task. He said - 'keep working we will look into it.' I trusted him and kept working for next 6 months while reminding him every 3 months to help me. He kept saying - 'I have talked about you with senior management and they have some good project for you in bucket.' But nothing came. 6 months passed and came appraisal time. I was awarded just one grade above last rating - means I'm almost worthless. 
I was not able to understand why?
Because in my previous 2 appraisal cycles I was awarded best and 2nd best rating. All of a sudden this. I couldn't take it. Went to my supervisor and told him that I don't accept this rating. He cunningly smiled and said lets talk at 4 pm. I waited for 4 pm and then I was called in the meeting room. He was accompanied by 2 other senior members. There were heated arguments as it happens in case of disagreements. In that argument my supervisor told me - "Those who are talented enough has already got another job in good organizations."
It did really hit me because I loved the company and wanted to grow the ladder but his comment made me think. 
Immediately, I started preparing for next interview. Got selected in new company within a month with 45% hike and resigned the current one on the same day.
HR called me immediately and asked reason for my resignation after working for more than 4 years. I had went to him 3 months back regarding my project issue but he didn't help then. But I still narrated him entire thing again. This time he agreed to help me and listed the benfits of being retained as an employee.
I smiled and told him - 'If you wanted to help, you should have helped earlier. Moreover when a supervisor in organization uses words like - 'Those who are talented enough has already got another job in good organizations'. You should simply consider not sticking to the company however good it is."
Today I am already working happily in one of the best organization and treat my collegues, be it senior or junior, with respect and dignity. As a learning from above incident - don't hide nature of work (technology, responsibility, day to day expectation, etc.) from the candidate whom i consider for my project during internal interviews.

Learnings from the above instance:

  • Always have clear idea about project that you are about to be part of. It may ruin your mental stability momenterily or permanently depending on how you handle it.
  • Get the details about roles and responsibities from the concerned project on mail and not orally.
  • If you disagree with your project or project manager on roles and responsibility, always be ready for next interview.
  • If you are project manager or senior member of the project - behave as a gentleman with your junior resources and help them build career.
  • If you are HR - try to help at earliest not after resignation.
  • Never think that support project is inferior to development project. The above story is about my interest and goals. There are many who are much better in support roles and they enjoy it rather than being in development roles.
  • You are your own strength and you can always get new job. Just keep building your technical strength.

Hope you like the above story. Will share another one soon.


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